Print on Demand with Jumbodtg

It’s difficult to find a one stop shop for clothing printing and shipment but our Print on demand service removes the hassle from ordering, folding, bagging, tagging, and shipping orders to your customers; giving you more time to focus on the more important things - Your brand and designs! 

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Sign up & approval threshold

Your store needs to meet these minimum requirements to be approved for POD
  1. Your store needs to be a shopify store
  2. Subscription fee must be paid after signing up vis stripe or paypal.
  • No more emailing back and forth regarding colors, sizes, quantities, and blanks for every collection. We will fulfill all orders directly from your website once your products are synced and invoices will be automatically created once the products begin production. Your only job will be to pay your invoices on time to continue production.
  • Since we’re shipping everything for you, your customers no longer have to wait for a full batch of orders to be completed and shipped to you before they receive tracking information and shipment details. Your customers will experience faster shipping times from our one stop production and shipping shop.



The Print cost is $10 Plus $5 for an additional prints (Back prints). Ink charges will be automatically applied based on your average graphic size. (The larger more colorful your graphics, the more the ink cost. The average ink cost across all of our clients stores are at $3.

Blank cost 
Depending on the blank you choose to use, prices can range anywhere from $1-$10+ based on your quality preferences. It's completely up to you to decide which blanks you would like us to use for your brand.

Monthly subscription 
$60 per month for our full service print on demand package. Failure to pay within a 3 day grace period will result in termination of any and all our services. All production and fulfilment is put on hold during this grace period.

Pre-made / non printed items
It costs $3 to bag and ship any item which is not made or printed by us. You can ship your inventory to our facility and allow us to ship your customers their orders together in one package.

Neck labels & special items (Coming soon for all clients)

  • The price of your neck labels depends on the quantity you order. We don’t charge extra for neck labeling your clothing items but we do charge for the custom labels to be produced by our supplier (their pricing to purchase them for you).
  • We only offer heat transfer vinyl neck labels at this time but we will soon be offering sewn-in labels in the near future.
  • We can also put custom items, thank-you cards, stickers, or slips in each package to make it easy for your customers to fall in love with your brand! All we need is your design and your desired dimensions. You will be charged the exact price from our supplier but not charged for packing your card, sticker, or slip in every bag.

Embroidery (Coming soon)

  • We currently do not offer embroidery services at the moment but we will have options in the near future.


  • We offer fulfillment for other items you may sell on your online store. Whether it’s shoes, a pre-made hoodie, custom t-shirt or special item, we’ve got you covered. Fulfillment for each item not printed or produced by us costs $3.

  • Once an order is shipped, you will be billed and charged automatically


Production speed

  • Production for your weekly orders is about 5 business days before shipment.
  • Our production speed may be affected based on our weekly workload, and or the supplier having no inventory for the blanks you need. However, we will keep you updated if any obstacles occur.


Last updated 10/21/23