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IMPORTANT: Sample product choices and garment color selections do not reflect our full catalog of options. The products listed above are to simply "sample" our print quality and durability and is not intended to be ordered in bulk with reduced pricing or as a special order with custom garment colors and neck tags. If you would like to order a specific color or garment and blank type with significantly reduced pricing including neck tags, rhinestones, and other services, you must place a bulk order using the "Place a bulk order" button below:

Bulk orders

Order a larger quantity for a reduced cost

A bulk order is considered any order quantity of 15 prints or more. They can take anywhere from 7-10 days on average depending on the quantity of garments in the order and the blanks chosen for the order which may affect production time due to the supplier's location and distance from our facility. With a bulk order, you can send us a custom neck label design which we can apply to all the garments in your order. You will also have the option of having all your items folded, bagged, neck-tagged, or all three options.
Bulk order pricing varies with quantity (The higher the quantity of prints, the lower the price per print).

Place a bulk order

print on demand

Infinite Profit

Print on demand Print on demand allows you to take control of your brand instead of micromanaging your orders and shipments. We’ll print, ship, bag, and neck-tag your orders from our facility directly to your customers. The best part is, you only pay when an order is placed through your online store so you will always make profit, even if you only sell one t-shirt. Print on demand starts at $10 per garment print & shipment

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Printing and curing process

Our Mission

We aim to provide brands of all sizes with a reliable and accessible - Premium printing service which will guarantee retuning customers and shopper retention.

Why work with Jumbodtg?

We specialize in large format DTG (direct to garment) printing at the highest possible resolution (1200dpi) to easily set your brand apart from the competition. No color limits or special file types. Upload your image and get it printed exactly how you see it on your screen.



We run a fleet of Brother GTX Pro Direct to Garment printers - they are top of the line and state-of-the-art. Paired with an efficient workflow system, we're able to complete hundreds of prints per day.



We love printing t-shirts. We know what we're doing and it shows. We've printed over 100,000+ garments! Your prints will be correct and beautiful every time, guaranteed.

Go big or go home

Extra Large

With us, you can! We boast an immense maximum print size of 16 x 21 inches, which is WAY above the industry standard.

Print on demand testimonial

By Gabe Cerebro from The Abstract Innovation Brand

  • The absolute best service for a startup clothing brand

    "The print on demand service they offer makes it so easy to start and grow your brand without headaches. I can literally drop new designs whenever I want without ever worrying about inventory or over-ordering stock for a new collection"

    - Josiah W.

  • Amazing print quality

    "Most vibrant print quality I've ever seen from any print shop I've worked with in the last 2 years"

    - Deyon T.

  • Huge prints

    "Their print size is the reason I stared working with Jumbo. It's so hard to find companies that offer large DTG prints. I'm very lucky to have found them right when I needed them"

    - Danielle B.

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